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October 22 2017

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Knobbly knees. Party season dress sorted tho #selfiesunday #leopard #cougartown

October 21 2017

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Smoob club

Progress report Oct 2017

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Lara Stone, Natasha Poly & Anna Ewers by Luigi and Iango for Vogue Japan September 2017

October 17 2017

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They say that if you drink lemsip out of a lemsip coloured mug… it still tastes disgusting #cold #bleh #🤧🤒🤧🤒🤧🤒🤧🤒

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Given up on work today. Luckily I already have a cold because every fucker on this train seems to have one #london #cold #bleh #🤧😷

October 16 2017

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Anne Vyalitsyna - Balmain studded leather jacket, Christian Louboutin Peep Toes

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The genius who did my lovely hair #vscocam #hair #beard #nigel #fishsoho #london

October 15 2017

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17/12/15; 46/2015 

yohji yamamoto pour homme priest shirt
rick owens cotton tee
yohji yamamoto pour homme oversized shorts
rick owens sidezip
raf simons moon bag

October 14 2017

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Meanwhile I had a thing done #hair #colour #blonde #self

October 11 2017

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Right part, Hotel room, Place de la République, Paris 1976 by Helmut Newton | Left part, unknown photographer

October 09 2017

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Anjelica Huston by Helmut Newton, 1972

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Ootd / Selfish Sunday

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Stockholm, Sweden. Sept 2017.

All shot and processed on iPhone SE / VSCOcam app

©2017 Kaoru Sato. Do not reproduce, modify or transmit without my permission except by use of Tumblr’s reblogging mechanism, preserving this text in its entirety.

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October 08 2017

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Soft taco with vegan chile (fennel, mushroom, carrot, onion, bell peppers), home made salsa, coconut cream and soy fauxgurt #food #byme #vscocam #homecooking #quiteacatch #mexicanfood (at Little Venice, London)

October 05 2017

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Aymeline Valade by Txema Yeste for Numero - Zana Bayne leather corset, Veronique Leroy leather dress, Ernest leather boots

October 02 2017

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Lucy Lawless

Hot As Hell


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October 01 2017

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Sibyl outtake, AnOther Magazine

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