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June 04 2018

May 20 2018

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Kate Moss by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia, March 1996
styled by Alice Gentilucci

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Any fucking excuse

May 18 2018

The end

I kept a weblog on this domain for something like eleven years, 2004 to 2015.

I guess was posting most actively in the first five years or so. Posts became more sporadic after that as the distractions of other online social media became pervasive.

The final post, Siluett, came slightly less than three years ago. It is a short piece of writing I wrote as a spoken word piece over one of my bands' experimental instrumental pieces.

Since then I've been intending to write more here, but never with much real conviction. I find it hard to finish things.

Now I've come to realise that this version 5 of the draGnet is over. I will be pruning the posts down to an archive of what I consider to be the more worthwhile or emotionally significant pieces over the summer.

Once I've done that I'll supplement this closing post with a list of links to other places you can find me and my work and close down the Disqus comments section.

I want to thank everyone who read and participated in its stuttering lifetime. I won't make a list here. You all know who you are.



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Today I think I’ve actually reached peak hair #hair #blonde #self #messyhair #hungover

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May 16 2018

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#mixing tonight #easterhead #studio

May 12 2018

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“That’ll put cranes on your chest” said no one ever #cranes #chest #face #blonde #hair #vscocam #selfieselfcare #ootd

May 08 2018

May 07 2018

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No 6 #vscocam #self

May 06 2018

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Wonky face #selfiesunday

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Tao Okamoto

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My life goals seem to have reduced down to “look great when heinously hungover” #selfiesunday #vscocam #whitagram

May 01 2018

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Lost cat 😿

April 30 2018

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Waiting for the rain to ✋ #vscocam #layoutapp

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Made a comforting bowl of hot soba for lunch as it’s fucking horrible outside and I’m feeling careworn besides #food #byme #soba #japanese

April 29 2018

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Hive mind, are these 1/4” couplers stereo or mono? Do the pairs of etched lines on the case mean stereo? If not how do I tell?

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